9. 10. - 10. 11. 2019

Icons and Mythologies: The Desire of Changes

The exhibition focuses on the concept of engagement through the resumption of iconic figures and the construction of personal mythologies, such as the figure of Sun Ra, Patrice Lumumba or Angela Davis, and collective actions such as the revival of a Russian revolutionary song; a popular legend; the analysis of images controlled by a political regime.

Project within Fotograf Festival by Bubahof feat. Fabienne Bideaud.

11. 9. - 29. 9. 2019

Basic Things

The exhibition of the students of FAMU’s Department of Photography aims to show some current perspectives on contemporary art’s relation to photography, imagination and social issues. –>

17. 7. - 1. 9. 2019


Digitalia is a guest-curated exhibition deliberatingon the use of social media as both an accessible art form and cultural landscape. This exhibitiontakes as a starting point the concept of “digitalia,” coined by Cameron Bailey,to speak on the convergence of genitalia, marginalia, and wires. –>

20. 6. - 7. 7. 2019

Emotional Twist

The exhibition of graduate Master, Bachelor and Semestral works of Center for Audiovisual Studies (CAS) FAMU. –>

8. - 16. 6. 2019

I’m Feeling Supersonic

Büro for All Our Troubles (BOAT)

Thematic selection of final projects across the studios of the FAMU Department of Photography. –>

3.- 31. 5. 2019

Till something happens

The processes and mechanisms of nature and society follow certain rules. But what happens when equilibrium is disturbed? Can small, invisible changes cause chaos? The artists reflect on these questions and exhibit their thoughts in real time within the gallery space. –>

4.- 21. 4. 2019


Regardless is an exhibition dedicated to the pioneers of electronic music and sound-art. The exhibition comprises a series of concerts in the opening event and a guided tour with a listening session. –>

7. 3. - 24. 3. 2019

The Economy of Hearing

The Exhibition Hearing Economy puts emphasis on non-obviousness of what is generally perceived as natural state - the reception of auditory sensations as clear information, free from the constant reminders of our present corporeality. –>

1.-17. 2. 2019

Compassion Fatigue

Semestral exhibition of the students of FAMU’s Center for Audiovisual Studies. –>

14. 12. 2018 - 27. 1. 2019


Is it possible to create an entire art exhibition only by using recycled materials? Cheap Art reflects the long-term interest of the exhibiting artistic duo in the topic of ecology and the relationship of the human to nature. However, this theme has never before been so emphatically pronounced in their work. Through this experiment, the artists are also striving for radical change in their own creative practice. –>

7. 11. - 2. 12. 2018


The fundamental truth of the American identity lies in its multiplicity. By speaking simultaneously about individual identity and shared experience, current and former students of the Photography program in the Art Department at SUNY, New Paltz, have found a perfect metaphor for the American identity. „While we remain distinct in history, we are all, ultimately, American,“ says one of the exhibition curators, Leah Renee Monsour. –>

11. - 28. 10. 2018


MEMORY PALACE is a collaborative project focusing on creative processes. Together with a group of international students from various artistic fields (photography, stage design, animation and choreography) Captain Lightfoot collective explore methods that allow us to create works that are devoid of critical thought and are more free and intuitive. –>

21. - 30. 9. 2018

Final Foto FAMU 2018

An exhibition of the Master’s and Bachelor´s Degree projects from the Department of Photography, FAMU at GAMU and at the studios of the Department of Photography at Tržiště. –>

19. 7. - 2. 9. 2018

Julien Maire, Robert Vlasák: INVERSE MINDSET

This exhibition sheds light (and shadows) on a hidden narrative of optical and kinetic apparatuses. It brings together five works by two artists who have developed a particular, media-archaeological approach to the aesthetics and ideology of the analog technology of the past, seen from the digital era. –>

21. 6. – 8. 7. 2018

Mists of dreams drip along the nascent echo and love no more

End-of-term exhibition CAS FAMU 2018. –>

13. – 17. 6. 2018


Summer end-of-term exhibition of the Department of Photography, FAMU. –>

3. 5. – 1. 6. 2018

DON’T MAKE A SCENE. The offer for work in the field of culture?

Stage Design as a creative process. The presentation of student works from DAMU's Department of Scenography. –>

12. – 24. 4. 2018


WAVEGUIDES is a site-specific and site-responsive sound installation by Donia Jourabchi (BE) and Taufan ter Weel (NL) which facilitates different listening situations to explore our relative sense of space and situatedness. –>

11. – 17. 4. 2018

WAVEGUIDES workshop: placing sounds in space, site-specific and site-responsive approach to sound installation

WAVEGUIDES workshop takes place as a part of the homonymous exhibition project by Donia Jourabchi and Taufan ter Weel at GAMU (Gallery AMU) and will result into an addition to their sound installation.

14. 3. – 6. 4. 2018


IT all goes so smoothly, it seems like will and determination don’t matter here. –>

31. 1. – 4. 3. 2018


The floods of 2002 affected also the archive of the Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Czech Academy of Sciences. It contained, among others, colored diapositives and negatives of the Czech geographer J. V. Daneš. –>

15. 12. 2017 – 21. 1. 2018


The exhibition tracks the contemporary forms of the moving image which consciously make contact with experimental approaches to film-making throughout the history of cinema. –>

8. 11. – 3. 12. 2017


CITY CITY is a joint project of students from the departments of animation and sound at Prague’s FAMU. The exhibition presents audio-visual installations, projections and an interactive model of the city which appears in the animated film authored by Filip Blažek. The theme of the exhibition is focused on various creative perspectives on the city, understood as a space to which each being relates both physically and emotionally. –>

4. 10. – 29. 10. 2017


Site-specific projekt „Melodram“ pracuje s touhou autorů stát se hudebními skladateli. Základem jejich libreta je prostor Galerie AMU a pohyb diváka v ní. –>

15. – 24. 9. 2017


Exhibition of BcA./ MgA. student works from the Department of Photography, FAMU. –>

María Prada: El Saltador

Site-specific installation as part of Lea Petříková’s exhibition “BALANCED”

19. 7. – 3. 9. 2017


The exhibition is inspired by the Minoan taurokathapsia ceremony – the deadly dances with bulls. Who is the acrobat? Is it the artist or the viewer? –>

22. 6. – 9. 7. 2017


Exhibition of BcA./ MgA. student works from the Center for Audiovisual Studies, FAMU, Prague. –>

10. 6. 2017 (19:00 – 1:00)

Prague Museum Night 2017 at GAMU

Come and visit GAMU during Prague Museum Night 2017!

10. – 17. 6. 2017


Chosen work of FAMU, Department of Photography students. –>

15. – 17. 5. 2017, always 2 – 7 p. m.

Marloes van Son: Rotation to Sound / Workshop

In this workshop participants will create a crude instrument consisting of a small electrical motor as sound-source and an interface made from cardboard and pushbuttons. The devices will become part of the exhibition for the remaining two weeks.

13. 5. – 31. 5. 2017


The “Non-Functioning Functionality” exhibition presents recent works by Marloes van Son (NL), an artist dedicated to the construction of sound instruments and electromechanical installations. –>

4. 5. 2017, 18:30

An Open Discussion on the Flusser Questions

Is there still, in 2017, much in Flusser’s texts which merits revisitation, or are they simply an object of academic scholarship and historical archive work?

5. 5. 2017, 17:00

Ulrich Richtmeyer: Compelling Contradictions in Flusser’s Philosophy of Photography

Ulrich Richtmeyer’s lecture will draw on Flusser’s philosophy of photography, focusing on differences and continuities between technoimages (especially photography) and drawing.

5. 4. – 7. 5. 2017


The exhibition “Without Firm Ground: Vilém Flusser and the Arts” at GAMU, Prague presents the life and thoughts of one of the most acclaimed Prague-born intellectuals of the 20th century through the combination of rare documents and artistic collaborations and inspirations. It aspires to weave the threads of Flusser’s private and professional life. –>