Open call AMU Gallery for 2025

till May 31st 2024

📌Open call AMU Gallery for 2025
The projects can be registered electronically until the 31st of May, 2024 at

📌AMU Gallery hereby announces an open call for exhibition projects to complement the gallery’s program for 2025. The call is intended for both Czech and foreign artists and curators; applications may be sent both in Czech and in English. Due to the wide spectrum of subjects taught at AMU (The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) we prefer thematic, curatorial exhibition projects with interdisciplinary overlap, or exhibitions based around artistic research (especially in the field of photography and new media). The duration of exhibitions in GAMU span from four to six weeks.

📌Required application materials:
• a detailed description of the project, including visual documentation which takes into account the gallery’s spatial dimensions (max. three standard pages of text)
• a structured CV/bio of the applicant
• brief CVs/bios of the exhibited artists, including a showcase of their work/links
to online portfolio
• the exhibition’s budget with proposed additional sources of funding

📌The AMU Gallery provides:
• oversight at the exhibition
• technical support
• graphic processing and printing of accompanying materials (invitations,
posters, banners)
• basic PR (press release, announcement of the exhibition on the website and fcb, advertisement in the printed Artmap, newsletter, TZ on Artalk)
• production costs up to CZK 30,000 (material, installation, de-installation), depending on the gallery’s budget for the given year

The gallery’s blueprint and photo documentation of the exhibition space can be found here:

Contact person:
Veronika Daňhelová,, +420 603 425 057

📌The AMU Gallery, based at Malostranské náměstí 12, has been operating under the auspices of The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague since 2008. Its mission is to foster conditions for the presentation and critical reflection of contemporary art, with a particular focus on the youngest generation of artists. An integral part of the program also comprises graduation projects from The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and select student works from other art schools. The second, equally important, thrust of the gallery’s dramaturgy consists of complex curatorial exhibitions of established artists, both Czech and from abroad, whose work engages with the field of new media, or in some original way transcends the boundaries of traditional artistic disciplines.
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