Artur Magrot: The Key’s in the Mailbox

10.8. – 9.9.2023 (opening: wednesday 8th of August 2023 at 6pm)

Artur Magrot

curated by: Nina Moravcová

graphic design: Šimon Vlasák

In the last year, Artur Magrot has consciously chosen a life of long-term homelessness in hopes of finding alternatives for movement in a system of which we are unwillingly a part. He examines the ideas of home or personal space, concepts we were forced to view from a completely new perspective during the pandemic. His insights are captured through text and visual records. Using thermal cameras, he photographed his temporary refuges — places of heat accumulation. In an effort to capture the invisible but present imprints of the body, he created, among other things, a bizarre calendar charting the trajectories of his own movements over the past year. This Instant Game – as he calls his latest project – is now over.
For Magrot, it has been an extraordinary experience and a contribution to his thematic research, dealing with the delineation of his own space, the consideration of strategies of power surveillance, and the role modern technology plays in these spheres. He intends to translate his experiences into an exhibition project for GAMU and further evaluate it in the framework of his PhD studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.
During the show opening there will be playing Ocassional Djs.
Show Opening: 9.8. 18:00
Gallery open: wed-sun 13-19h
10.8. – 9.9.2023