July 15 – August 27, 2021 (THE EXHIBITION IS EXTENDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 3, 2021) (opening: on Thursday July 15, 2021, from 1 PM to 7 PM)



Author of the project: Aleš Čermák
Theoretical support: Jakub Albert Ferenc
Supervision: Jindřiška Křivánková, Jakub Gottwald, Matouš Hejl, Petr Skala
Guests: Roman Radkovič Collective
Graphic design: Terezie Štindlová
Sound design: Matouš Hejl
Documentation: GAMU
English translation: Vít Bohal
Curator and Project Coordinator: Petr Krátký (GAMU)

Hands and other limbs are considered part of the body. Why then couldn’t all beings who possess a body be considered as part of a single being? There is no such thing as a disabled body, but only disabled socioeconomic systems.

From the perspective of the other, being slow needn’t be considered a weakness, and the weak/weaker needn’t be slow/slower – they merely achieve a different speed than the speed of the medium which they inhabit at the given time. A “sick” person needn’t mean “visibly sick”. Sickness also includes that which has not yet been recognized, and which is treated as if it weren’t sick at all. To accept one’s vulnerability and fragility in order to reorganize – reprogram relationships, not only towards oneself, but also within a broader social context.

Are our bodies this dangerous biological factor? Is the body itself at the core of this crisis? Do we only start paying attention to bodies once they become sick? Are there more types of invisibility? Is invisibility beyond everyday experience? What does it mean to stand next to an invisible one? 


We Have Stopped Communicating with the World Long Ago_Aleš Čermák

Alienation and Space for Radical Love_Jakub Albert Ferenc

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photo Lenka Janíčková