The Metabolic Perspective

15. 9 - 7. 10. 2021 (opening: Tuesday, 14. 9. v 18:00)

Světlana Malinová, Anežka Horová, Marina Hendrychová, Abelardo Gil Fournier, Matěj Martinec, František Fekete, Daniel Burda, Aleš Zůbek

curated by: Lukáš Likavčan

The “metabolic perspective” begins with the idea that the human economy is merely a continuation of the natural economy by other means, to the extent that terms such as ’logistics’ or ’infrastructure’ can be applied equally well to industrial parks and ecosystems, to the production and transportation of goods, as well as to photosynthesis and food chains. But what if we were to begin considering human culture and communication as part of the planet’s natural metabolisms? Would we not find around us animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, inanimate objects and entire communities of organisms that are constantly speaking to us, showing us something, warning us?

The exhibition is part of Fotograf Festival #11

video by Miroslava Konečná

photo by Lenka Janíčková