20.10. –⁠ 29. 10. 2023 (opening: Thursday 19th of October at 6pm )

Johannes J. Wagner, Jan Štěpánek, Jenny Sternwaldová, Eliška Drastíková, Gustav Sonntag. Anna Šmídová, Miroslav Jirele, Susan Witwer, Tomáš Honz, Kateřina Hubená, Roland Gräfe

graphic design: Žofia Fodorová

The Central Bohemian Highlands’ unique landscape and its cone-shaped hills of volcanic origin have inspired artists from both the Czech Republic and Germany for centuries. Since the Romantic era, painters like Caspar David Friedrich, Adrian Ludwig Richter, and Antonín Mánes have found new stimuli and motifs for their work here. Later on, many other Czech and German artists followed in their footsteps. The LANDSCAPE ’23 exhibition, created as part of the Czech-German open-air cultural centre Řehlovice, offers a diverse range of creative approaches and a fresh perspective on the Central Bohemian Highlands through the eyes of contemporary artists. The participants of the plein air, organized by the Roland Gräfe Foundation – Foundation for Art and Culture in cooperation with the Department of Scenography of the Prague DAMU, were inspired by the Central Bohemian Highlands’ landscape and painted for three days in various locations around Řehlovice and Litoměřice.

🌿open: daily 13-19h
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