14. 4. - 20. 5. 2023 (opening: 13. 04. 2023 from 6pm )

Louisa Havránková, Ava Holtzman, Eliška Klimešová, Adam Rolex, Tereza Šimoníková, Jakub Tulinger, Šimon Varaus

curated by: Jiří Ptáček

graphic design: Magdalena Konečná, Šimon Vlasák, Pavla Nečásková, Žofia Fedorová

In geology, the term drunken forest refers to vegetation growth growing on a slowly slumping hillside. The tree trunks grow in all sorts of crooked ways and the forest looks disorganized. For geologists, this signals that the bedrock is moving. In the exhibition’s title, where students from the studios of the FAMU Department of Photography in Prague will meet, the drunken forest refers to the instability of the conditions in which these young people grow up and to artistic creation as repeated attempts to maintain balance. Through their works, however, the exhibition also points out how the tool we generically call photography and its department; reacts to these movements

closing and guided tour: 19. 5. at 6pm