TO&JEN- premiere

23.05.2024 (opening: úterý 23. května 2023 v 21 h)

Simona Rozložníková

There’s a fly crawling on the window, the fat one they call the butcher. It’s been crossing the window pane for ages. People usually loathe it, but it’s actually beautiful, metallic green and blue, with translucent wings woven with silver threads. It’s been crawling on the glass for a long time, and it doesn’t know how to get out. Outside, the sun is shining, the colours are brilliant and the wind is blowing. She could fly all she wants. It’s just the window that keeps her here! There must be a crack somewhere to get out of this dull, grey room. Out of the loneliness. And finally! There she is! She’s found it. It was high time. The sun was just setting, the sky had turned a beautiful color, she’d enjoy the colors a little more!
( Milena Strafeld – About the one called Toyen)

Graduation performance of Simona Rozložnikova, student of the Department of Nonverbal Theatre, HAMU. It is a site specific immersive theatre … a kind of “pantomimic exhibition” set in the AMU Gallery. Inspired by the life, personality and work of TOYEN.

Concept, direction and acting : Simona Rozložníková
Pedagogical direction and supervision : Radim Vizváry
Set and costumes: Aleš Vancl
Light design : Lukáš Klíma

“In the darkened hall of life, I watch the projection screen of my brain ”