Choreography of Thought

5. 3. – 26. 4. 2020 (opening: Wednesday 4th of March 2020, 6:00 PM)

Janek Rous, Hana Turečková Polanská a Ivan Svoboda, Zuzana Žabková

curated by: Viktor Čech

exhibition architecture: Matěj Kos

graphic design: Jan Slabihoudek

Accompanying program:

25th of March 2020, 7 PM, Dance as a Metaphor of Thinking? (lecture by Viktor Čech):
8th of April 2020, 6 PM , Ecosystems of Movement and Thinking (panel discussion)
23th of April 2020, 6 PM, guided tour

Can physical movement be a metaphor for our thought? Can we understand it as a means of relating to thought processes which is different from their mere verbalization? The project revolves around these questions, and connects the exhibition with a series of lectures, screenings and discussions relating to visual art and dance. It is the first of a thematic cycle of three projects which will be realized in GAMU during this year. Their mutually shared theme is the zone where contemporary dance and choreography meet the field of fine and visual art, as well as the question of our physical movement, its structures and relations, to various aspects of our reality.

The project called Choreography of Thought is mostly supposed to provide and initial definition of the whole project, a process in which the discourses of contemporary art and dance and their theorization will meet and will study the local situation of both fields. That is also why the exhibition realized in the gallery space will provide a platform for a live dialogue which will work in conjunction with an accompanying program.

The accompanying program will consist of a number of events. The first of them will be a thematic lecture inspired by Alain Badiou’s understanding of dance as a metaphor for thought which will be focused on the parallels of this relationship in the contemporary works from across the world in both these fields (Viktor Čech). The second event will feature a moderated discussion panel of invited guests who will explore the relationship between bodily movement, ideology and conceptual thought in the contemporary artistic environment.