10. – 13.1. 2023 (opening: 9.1. v 18.00 )

Michael Lozano, Jakub Prašivka, Jonathan-Antonín Machander, Raphael Taterka,Tatiana Lvovská, Radim Hořelka, Lisa Philippon, Yutong Xie, Quoc Vinh Tran, Jakub Tulinger, Sarah Kidder, Swati Indeera Parwani

The Studio of Documentary Photography offers a short-term yet unique opportunity to peer into the minds of those sensitive to the world around them – whether that’s gender inequality, climatically arrogant grand gestures on Kralický Sněžník, the Vietnamese community’s view of life as grocers, American wrestling culture, the garden and community of one’s home, creatures awaiting their army-style book, responses to the meaning of art, images cultivated with yeast, a dialogue between two Indian women over the cultural erasure of their identities, the bent backs of people hypnotized by their phone screens, the happiness and safety of one valley in China’s Xinjiang province, or the inherent hierarchies in public spaces such as Bohnice’s psychiatric hospital. We don’t have to scream to be heard, so now we whisper — You won’t see this anywhere else.