In Crossing, Transformation is a Central Theme

14. – 20. 6. 2022, open from 1pm to 7pm (opening: 13. 6. 2022 od 18:30)

Karolína Hnětkovská, Klára Kacířová, Matej Martinec, Jáchym Ozuna, Gabriela Palijová, Tamara Pauknerová,  Tomáš Rampula, Anastasia Rybalchenko, Alexandra Sihelská, Sofia Sováková, Žil Julie Vostalová

curated by: Georgy Bagdasarov

In crossing, transformation is a central theme; from one place to another and sometimes through various stages of being created. If characters are connected by “transition” – moving back (or forward or backward) but not forwards/downwards at all can be very confusing for newcomers… it’s hard now because they never really understood that you could change places without changing anything if your mind was clear on everything else! The idea behind the transition is to make things interesting and less frustrating. The world looks too real: buildings, roads start ticking together right before their time gets out of hand yet feel like new objects in a completely different fashion every second we go around them; so these transitions happen with more speed than usual even when nothing truly breaks here…