23. 2. – 29. 3. 2024 (opening: thursday 22nd of February 2024 at 6pm)

Fuad Alymani, Jakub Hons, Jana Preková, Michelle Joy, Kateryna Khramtsova, Yeva Kupchenko, Cannupa Hanska Luger, Václav Mach, Felicia Rice, Martin Zetová

curated by: Gabriela Benish-Kalná


“As artists, we live on the periphery. But we are the mirrors. We are the reflective points that break through a barrier.” -Cannupa Hanska Luger

With the rise of global information infrastructure we have become direct witnesses to the growing number of humanitarian and (un)natural disasters, wars, armed conflict and displacement. Most of these geopolitical crises are perceived to occur on the periphery relative to the Euro-Western world. This exhibition explores various artistic practices as a language that transcends borders, bringing the periphery closer to the center. Louder holds space for different artistic approaches as responses, reactions and resistance to these crises, creating a space of amplification. 

“The role of the artist in the social structure follows the need of the changing times:
In time of social stasis: to activate
In time of germination: to invent fertile new forms
In time of revolution: to extend the possibilities of peace and liberty
In time of violence: to make peace
In time of despair: to give hope

In time of silence: to sing out ”      – Judith Malina

⚡️Graphic design: Žofia Fodorová
⚡️Technical support: Jonáš Balcar, David Škourek, Jakub Hons, Václav Mach
⚡️PR: Lála Mysl
⚡️Open: thu-sun 1-7pm
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