14. 3. – 6. 4. 2018 (opening: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 6 p. m.)

exhibiting artists: Jakub Jansa, Karolína Juříková
curated by: Lumír Nykl

The collaborative exhibition of Jakub Jansa and Karolína Juříková is the second part of a series whose pilot version originated as an invitation to Jansa’s own Club of Opportunities. The bowling bar became the setting for a seminar devoted to the ontology of celery for all the senses.
In this new, narrative episode featuring Karolína Juříková, our intrepid heroes relocate beneath the arched ceilings of GAMU for an initiatory séance of young stalks, their hag watching from backstage, where bodies flagrantly transform with the promise of a new beginning. An old sage rambles from her ritually refurbished throne, her avuncular visage showing signs of new hope. Through the rejuvenated language of folk verbiage, we call for a new spring of shared imagination.

The bleak emptiness of dark background and personal eradication alternates with the promise of collective initiation to the new storyline. A thick tattoo needle and ink blotted in cruciferous texture suggest that ubiquitous anxiety can be smoothed down and moulded into a custom-tailored role. From the freshly-made shape, marked with a new mission, cones an effort to get better prospects for the near future. The librarian or the florist take their part in a shared narrative with the same natural responsibility coming from a story that’s just too real. A story about a class president who has pulled his classmates out of the debris of a shattered school, simply from loyalty to his function. The feeling of elusion of meaning and the separation from a rapid sequence of micro-affairs weighs and presses us down. But in a proper collective tune, it can materialize into a well-fitting uniform.
A ready-to-wear jersey in a game of commonality.
The hybrid war of avatars over meaning suddenly changes, just like that, into a fairy tale of hope, in which new forms of shared attention economy based on mutual unselfish care are being invented.

All of a sudden it’s another smile, it’s another heartbeat, it’s another style of thinking
New hope couture
Folk body modification
Peep-to-peep networking