19. 7. – 3. 9. 2017 (opening: 18. 7. 2017 at 6 pm)

curated by: Tea Záchová

The artist transforms the gallery space into an arena where one can discover life, as well as death. The exhibition is inspired by the Minoan taurokathapsia ceremony – the deadly dances with bulls. Who is the acrobat? Is it the artist or the viewer? When do they enter the mystical game? It is right now or soon. The ritual repetition of the game, one which may never finish shores up the abstract frame of time which the artist often uses in her projects.

Accompanying program

24. – 30. 7. 2017 Intervention by Ondrej Zajac, secret gig (http://ondrejzajac.com/)

4. 8. 2017, 18 h Intervention by María Prada, public presentation (http://mariaprada.es/)

17. 8. 2017, 17 h Guided tour with Lea Petříková and Tea Záchová