DON’T MAKE A SCENE. The offer for work in the field of culture?

3. 5. – 1. 6. 2018 (opening: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 at 6 p.m.)

Inés Andučić, Iva Bartošová, Theodora Bognárová, Linda Holubová, Pavlína Chroňáková, Jana Kahounová, Barbora Maleninská, Pavel Morávek, Adam Repka, Alžběta Riegerová, Michaela Semotánová, Michal Spratek, Vesa Iliana Stankova, Anežka Straková, Anna Stříteská, Martin Šimek, Zuzana Štěpančíková, Petr Vaněk, Veronika Volfová, Magdalena Vrábová

expert collaboration: Anna Hejmová

supervision: Nikola Tempír

graphic design: Jan Slabihoudek

Stage design is an integral part of theater – live events, drama interpretation, and stage implementations in the “here and now.” These situations are essential for understanding stage design as part and parcel of theatre production, while also showing the difficulty of exhibiting it separately, as a stand-alone work of art.
The presentation of the student works is thus conceived as a mosaic, put together from various stages of the creative process. We aim to show this process, the evolution of a stage design, rather than the final outcome. The realization of scenic and scenographic design evolves all the way up to the play’s premiere, continues to evolve throughout its staging, and can be said to be complete only during the final performance.

The exhibition has been made possible by the financial support of the Faculty of Theatre of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.